Regional Updates in Europe

Updates on the impact of COVID-19 in Europe

Despite the challenging circumstances, we are grateful that our employees in Europe are safe and sound. The majority of them are working from home. You can reach your local customer service representatives as usual via email and telephone. Furthermore, we are happy to report that our vessels are operating as usual and that our service portfolio remains unaffected.

+++ last updated on 23 September +++

Terminal Operations

  • Antwerp
    PSA ANR: the labor situation at PSA still leads to shortage of up to 25% of the needed gangs and this setting may continue until the beginning of September.
  • Rotterdam
    ECT: -   The labor situation at ECT has slightly improved further and is sufficient to cope with the current vessel line-up/volumes. Further improvement expected end September when school Holidays end. -  The yard situation is also at a manageable level
    RWG: - Labor is also still an issue at RWG and leads to the situation where only maximum each 3 to 4 cranes can be deployed at the two deep sea berths (THEA and OA).
    Customs control of every container discharged from CES vessels for illegal substances continues.
  • UK
    SOU+LGP: COVID in general seems to be under control . lack of lorry drivers negatively impacting import dwell times. Windows for delivery of export containers are constantly under review.
  • Hamburg
    CTB: Covid under control. Terminal still confronted with a lack of port workers on the weekend. Many dockworkers postponed their holiday to the end of the year which is one reason why we are seeing consistent shortages currently.
    CTA: Covid under control. Terminal still confronted with extremely high yard density about 90%. This circumstance might lead to a setting where vessels with high import volumes and less export moves cannot be handled by CTA unless other vessels or the local import transport flow have evacuated more units from the yard.  

Transport situation

  • France: In general, capacities are getting better. Still some issues to report but the effects of the ended holiday period are noticeable. However, still huge pain points on some main hubs/corridors for first and last mile. In addition, terminal congestion in France remains critical. Waiting times and TNMSC are leading to difficult inland transport planning’s. Also situation at TDF remains more than tense (gate restrictions etc.).
  • UK: Situation has not really improved compared to last week. UK intermodal environment continues to change and bring with it additional challenges e.g. new implemented storage and charging structures for certain vendors. No change to truck and rail resources, Area continue to have issues with the ongoing driver shortage limiting the amount of carrier haulage to perform. In addition, the government have recently made changes to legislation for those looking to qualify as an LGV (HGV) driver but this will take time and there is still a huge backlog of cancelled tests due to COVID. Despite the end of the holiday season, no significant improvement in the situation is currently expected in the short term. Issues will probably continue into the new year. There are now also problems with the truckers in Ireland, but so far no significant bottlenecks have occurred and everything is being covered.
  • Benelux: Truck capacities still under pressure. Full trucks as combined transports with first and last mile trucking’s do not have enough drivers to cover current demand in West/North Europe. Water is fluctuating at river Rhine which results occasionally in low water situations. Currently, it’s not influencing the transport processes but it is rising the applicable transport costs. Equipment situation is still under control and looks okay. In addition, terminals in Antwerp and Rotterdam are highly congested which also results in difficulties for Barge operators.
  • Germany & Central Europe: The overall situation in the port of Hamburg is unchanged and still very tense, with only little transport capacities and no storage capacities at the terminals. The terminals also tightened their regulations by further limiting the timeframe prior to vessel arrival available for trucking companies to drop off reefer and dangerous goods containers. As from week 40 till the end of 2021 EGC expects around 20.000 TEU of empty extra loaders to arrive in the port of Wilhelmshaven. EGC is currently working on solutions to move these units out of the terminal and distribute them across Hubs located in the German hinterland.
  • North: Situation has not changed compared to last week. That means, carriers haulage hinterland rail is stable but still with some issues of last mile deliveries due to low truck capacity. Concerning equipment situation, Area North is secured in all PCC depots in PL. Containers are being redistributed from Kutno where extraordinary high CH import volumes are noticeable. 20’ dry units are still on minimum level and Area North is still looking for repositioning possibilities to secure releases.  

Railway Operations​

  • Hamburg: High utilization of parking spaces and simultaneously high rail traffic in Hamburg ports causing backlogs in the train arrival and departure from/to Hamburg.
    Main impact on Eurogate terminal (approx. 20hrs delay), CTA delay of approx. 5hrs. CTB and CTT are within schedule.

Truck Availability​

Given the circumstances, trucking is running rather smoothly. The situation is being observed closely and all measures are taken to ensure the health and safety of our staff members and partners, while ensuring business continuity despite the current disruptions. These are the exceptions:

  • Hungary: Limited freight border crossings affecting deliveries via terminals DUNAJASKA STREDA and CUNOVO REJKA; a surcharge of EUR250 will be charged for all transport via DUNAJSKA STREDA
    - MILHOSŤ – TORNYOSNÉMETI (Miglecnemeti – Tornyosnemeti)
  • Austria: Delays anticipated when entering/leaving the country due to additional health checks.
  • Italy: Operations running normally.
  • Iberia: Operations running normally
  • Turkey/Piraeus : without interruptions
  • Black Sea (Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine); East Mediterrean (Syria, Lebanon, Israel); North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Lybia) and Adriatic Sea (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Serbia): All trucking is regular.

Barge Availability​

No impact to report besides the following exceptions:


All Depots operating without major disruptions.

Customer Service

Bookings are received and processed regularly. Reach out to your local customer service representative here.

You can do all your transactions digitally; everything is just one click away! Easy. Online. Everywhere.

We have taken the following measures to keep providing an uninterrupted service for you and to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on your operations:

  • We kindly ask you to review the possibility of covering your shipments by Sea-Waybill instead of Original Bills of Lading, if legally and commercially acceptable.
  • For the surrender of Original Bills of Lading prior to container release at destination, please contact your local office for detailed guidance, they are happy to assist you. Please also consider electronic payment channels to avoid physical contact needs.
  • You can do all your transactions digitally – from placing a booking to sending a shipping instruction. Everything is just one click away!
  • To monitor your shipments, go ahead and use the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator, our new one-screen dashboard with real-time view on all your shipments. Alternatively, visit the Online Business section at our Hapag-Lloyd website for vessel/container/booking status and sailing schedules information.
  • We are able to offer you instant quotations on Quick Quotes 24/7. Those rates are customized per customer, so you don’t have to worry about getting your best rate.
  • Even though your sales counterpart will not be able to visit you in person, we will continue to stay close to you via phone and where possible even via video chat.
  • Our teams are fully operational with staff working remotely through laptops and headsets. To make life easier for our employees, we encourage you to send emails instead of phone calls whenever you can.
  • Counters continue to be operational - where allowed by the local government.
  • Check out our Mobile App, that allows you to perform essential tasks from your phone: Quick Quotes, Schedules, Bookings, Track & Trace and many more!
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Additional Information

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