• Terms of Transport

Terms of Transport

In this section you find the terms and conditions for any kind of transport provided by Hapag-Lloyd AG. The details of such conditions are reflected in the PDF documents as listed below.

This document contains the Bill of Lading/Sea Waybill Terms and Conditions of Hapag-Lloyd AG.

For shipments requiring a particular foreign flag document, please find related Carrier Bill of Lading terms and conditions as noted in table below:

  • The Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions of  Nobleza Naviera S.A. – Montevideo, Uruguay
  • The Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions of  Andes Operador Multimodal Ltda. – São Paulo, Brazil
  • The Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions of  Consorcio Naviero Peruano S.A. - San Isidro (Lima), Peru
  • The Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions of  CSAV Austral SpA – Santiago, Chile
  • The Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions of  Companhia Libra de Navegação - São Paulo, Brazil
  • The Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions of  PETRO TANK S.A. – Buenos Aires, Argentina

This document contains the General Conditions of Transport of Hapag-Lloyd AG.

  • Please kindly note that any service offered by Hapag-Lloyd is subject to the successful completion of prior verification procedures by customer.
  • All quotes regarding freight are valid for 30 days unless specifically specified otherwise herein. All charges, fees, commissions and tolls are subject to change.
  • Hapag-Lloyd is operating under the Terms and Conditions of its Bill of Lading or Sea Waybill (depending on which document will be issued for the shipment) and the Hapag-Lloyd Tariff Terms and Conditions effective at time of shipment apply to this quotation. The applicable Terms and Conditions and the Tariff will be provided to you upon your request or may be viewed at any office of Hapag-Lloyd AG or its agents or under www.hapag-lloyd.com. Please take notice that, according to the Hapag-Lloyd Bill of Lading / Sea Waybill Terms and Conditions, there are limitations of liability, which deviate from the statutory German law.
  • This quotation is subject to space and equipment availability and subject to compliance with all applicable cargo weight restrictions.
  • All Hazardous cargo is subject to approval at time of booking, subject to inspection at Port of Loading and subject to an additional surcharge.
  • Hapag-Lloyd AG gathers, processes, stores, transmits and uses personal data of its contractual partners only if and insofar as such data are required for conducting a contractual customer relationship (e.g. conclusion, execution and management of the contract, accounting purposes).
  • This quotation is subject to space and equipment availability and subject to compliance by you with all applicable cargo weight restrictions and regulations. Notwithstanding the generality of the foregoing, this includes Regulation 2 of Chapter VI of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), stipulating that only containers for which the correct Verified Gross Mass (VGM) is provided in time may be loaded and shipped. Compliance with this requirement is the sole responsibility of the shipper and no responsibility of whatsoever nature is assumed by us in relation thereto.
  • Please note that the Arbitrary Charge Destination (ACD), the War Risk Surcharge (WRS) and the Congestion Surcharge Destination (CGD) are to be paid with the seafreight except for Shuwaikh which is on a collect bases . For cargo to Latin America via New York please note there is a transfer from rail ramp to the port involving public roads and the weight limits of 39,200 LBS per 20ft and 43,700 LBS per 40ft apply. No FAC applicable.
  • Rates are not applicable to US Flag restricted (reserved) cargo.  Please contact Hapag-Lloyd USA for a quotation. https://www.hapag-lloyd.com/en/offices-localinfo/north-america/usa/piscataway-area-us-flag-main-office.html

This document contains the Shipping Guarantee Terms of Hapag-Lloyd AG.

This document contains the Inland Priority Terms of Hapag-Lloyd AG.

Other Legal Terms

Please find in addition our:

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