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Our new sustainability report

Significant progress in environmental, social, qualitative and economic terms. Our new sustainability report bears the title: "Tapping the future of shipping”.

Quick Quotes: Boost your business

Use our real-time online quotation tool Quick Quotes and boost your business. It’s fast, easy and available anytime, anywhere. Get your quote now.

Use BL Draft Approval now

Review, edit, and approve your Bills of Lading or Sea Waybill drafts with our web solution. Benefit of the efficient and time-saving approval process for your documents.

Get your Shipping Guarantee

Protect your shipment from any rollovers with just a few clicks, and get your cargo shipped on time. Enjoy your peace of mind with the Shipping Guarantee.

Get Additional Freetime now

With Additional Freetime, you can now buy extra detention free time online with just a few clicks. Benefit from cost-transparent pricing and plan your shipments better in advance.

Choose your Inland Services

Want to get your cargo directly to your doorstep? Using our Inland services saves you time, money and nerves. Check the solutions we offer worldwide via truck, train and barge.

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Hapag-Lloyd – ship smart

Our smart technology for you

Your supply chain needs speed and reliability. Our unique technology together with clear processes ensures that your cargo moves quickly and efficiently: from origin to destination.

Our smart containers for you

Your cargo needs to be safe and properly stored. We offer the best container solutions – and will always find the perfect way to ship your cargo even if it doesn't fit in a standard box.

Our smart network for you

Around 128 different liner services, five continents, one world. Our network covers the globe. We take your cargo where you need it. And we do it the German way: Fast. Efficient. Reliable.

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