Regional Updates in Africa

Operational and Customer Service Updates for Africa

Operational and Customer Service Updates for Africa

+++ last updated on November 30, 2021 +++


  • Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa Operational Updates for Week 48 (here)
  • Sudan - Port operations reopened until early December 2021, however, port remains congested. Vessels waiting at anchorage for 10-15 days
  • South Africa – A nationwide 00:00 hrs - 04:00 hrs curfew in effect. Ports and Terminals are operating normally
  • Uganda – Nationwide curfew 19:00 hrs - 05:30 hrs in effect. Counters close at 16:00 hrs.
  • Namibia - The nationwide 22:00 hrs - 04:00 hrs curfew remains in place, until further notice
  • Botswana - The nationwide curfew runs 22:00 hrs - 04:00 hrs. Inter-zonal movement is permitted for essential travel only
  • Nigeria - Curfew imposed from 00:00 hrs – 04:00 hrs, until further notice. Counter operational  
  • Senegal - Minimal restrictions in place. Land borders with neighboring countries are open
  • Ghana - Restrictions unchanged nationwide. Land and sea borders remain closed
  • Angola - Minimal restrictions in place. Restrictions on interstate travel remain
  • Cameroon - Minimal restrictions in place. Land and sea borders are open
  • Congo – Nighttime curfew is in effect nationwide between 22:00 hrs - 04:00 hrs
  • Cote d'Ivoire - The state of health emergency remains in effect. Land and sea borders closed to regular commercial passenger travel, but cargo and freight transport are still operating
  • Gabon - A nationwide 21:00 hrs - 05:00 hrs curfew remains in place. Authorities continue to restrict entry and exit to Greater Libreville; Land and sea borders are closed. Cargo transportation and essential services permitted entry with prior authorization.

Terminal Operations

Please find below status of ports in Africa:

  • Dar es Salaam - Berthing delays of 15-16 days expected at TICTS and 3-4 days at TPA  
  • Mombasa - Berthing delays of 1-2 days expected
  • Port Sudan - Vessels waiting at anchorage for 10-15 days
  • Durban - Berthing delays of 2-3 days at MPT and 5-6 days at CT
  • Cape town - Berthing delays of approx. 1-2 days expected at CT
  • Abidjan - Berthing delays of approx. 2-5 days expected
  • Nouakchott - Berthing delays of 1-3 days expected
  • Apapa - Berthing delays of 21-25 days expected
  • Tin can (TICT) Berthing delays of 7-12 days expected (P&C) delays of 0-3 days expected
  • Tema / Cotonou - No berthing delays days expected
  • Pointe Noire - Berthing delays of 1-2 days expected

Railway Operations
No impact to report

Truck Availability
No impact to report

Barge Availability
No impact to report

No impact to report

Customer Service

  • Our counters in Africa are open. Please review the box “Related CustomerNEWS” to find out specifics for each country. If not listed, please check with your local office for any adjusted working hours
  • Uganda - Counter closes at 16: 00 hrs
  • Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal - Counter operational
  • For customer inquiries, we encourage customers to use email as the primary method of contact with our Customer Service teams, we are monitoring emails and answering them as expeditiously as possible
  • For urgent escalations only, you can still use phone calls. However please note that we are experiencing high call volumes and longer than normal waiting times. The contact number for our Customer Service Centre is +230 21-6722335
  • For vessel/container/booking status and sailing schedules information, customer should visit our Online Business section at our Hapag-Lloyd website
  • For Dangerous Goods Cargo terminal gate acceptance, we strongly recommend customers to send us electronic copies of their Export Hazardous Declarations to upload in their DG bookings
  • For faster BL release at destination, under the current COVID-19 conditions, we encourage customers to switch from OBL to SWB, if any assistance needed please reach out to your customer service documentation team
  • We strongly invite our customers to use our e-tools (Web-Booking and EASI) for submitting bookings and Shipping Instructions as well as our Hapag-Lloyd Navigator Dashboard to view all of your shipment information on one single screen

Reach out to your local customer service representative here

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